Project Brief

The kitchen is the heart of every home, getting regular use on a daily basis. Gatherings for the holidays, daily family meals and weekend entertaining all converge in this essential area of your home. Here, the design and finishes need to be matched with correlating functionality more than any other room in your house. It's time your kitchen got the attention it deserves so it can easily live up to its day-in and day-out use. When crafting the design of your Elite kitchen there's no detail that is too small or insignificant. The kitchen has endless customization opportunities — More than any other room in the home!

Special lighting fixtures (ceiling mounted, pendants, or base cabinet tracking lights), custom stove hoods, hidden appliances, or a convenient pot filler over your stove all impact the look and feel of your kitchen. Unique color packages and fixture finishes can transform a space into a top-class cooking environment. Find your dream kitchen at the intersection of functionality and luxurious, custom design.

Our Elite team keeps the clients’ lifestyle in mind to create a kitchen that is both functional and elegant. We will prioritize your desired features and accommodate to your time frame and budget to create the kitchen you’ve always envisioned. Our extensive team of trade partners collaborate with our team to offer high quality solutions that include everything from clever storage options to custom cabinet designs for kitchens – both large and small.

  • Benefits of remodeling your home's kitchen:

    • It's estimated by Better Homes and Gardens that homeowners can expect a return of approximately 52% on their investment if they sell their home.

    • Nearly 70% of realtors claim that a quality kitchen is the biggest selling point a home can have.

    • A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to add storage and optimize your space, whether through under-counter island cabinets or custom drawer organizers.

    • Upgrading to Energy Star-rating stainless-steel appliances not only can help with resale value, but has the potential to reduce your utility bill.

    • Including upgrades such as a range hood will improve safety in kitchen by omitting toxic pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, which can be emitted by stoves.

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