Do you feel like you are – or have already – outgrown your home, but just the thought of moving is enough to keep making do with what you have? Don’t settle! It may be worthwhile to look into getting an addition on your home.

Here are some pros that come with investing in a home addition:

  • Increasing the square footage of your home will not only give you more space, but it will raise the value of your forever home.
  • Investing in what you already have is a great alternative to moving and welcomes the opportunity for you to customize and put your own personal touch on your home.
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of increased storage space, which will in turn keep your home from becoming cluttered. This will make it easier to find items, and a less cluttered home is tied to better mental health.
  • Adding on to your home is the perfect opportunity to create a specialized space that supports your favorite hobbies or lifestyle changes. Instead of giving up a bedroom or living space, you can add a room that serves a dedicated purpose. Think: Constructing a music room allows you to add soundproofing and extra insulation, which may not be as practical in a pre-constructed room. Another option is adding a home office for those hybrid work days.
  • Modifying spaces – such as transforming an attic into a bedroom or converting a back patio into an enclosed space – is a great alternative to convert places in your home that you may have deemed unusable into your new favorite spot.
  • D&B Elite Custom is well-vetted in serving as your construction partner with the following types of additions:

    • In-Law Suites
    • Laundry Rooms / Mud Rooms
    • Sunrooms / Enclosed Porches
    • Master Suites / Bedroom Suites
    • Great Rooms / Family Rooms
    • Additional Stories
    • Extension of existing rooms
    • Garages
    • Garages
    • Porches

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