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You love your home in Wyomissing, but you need more room. Have you wondered whether remodeling would be more cost-effective than buying a new home? D&B Elite Custom can help you weigh the pros and cons of both options.

D&B Elite Custom is a design/build construction company located in Wyomissing, PA. We provide complete residential and commercial construction services, from new custom homes and remodeling projects, to the construction of office, retail, medical and industrial projects.

With our 60 years of combined experience, we aim to provide quality materials, vast design and build experience, attention to detail, and most importantly, superb customer service to every client.

Remodeling a home or moving to a new one is a dilemma faced by many homeowners. When the charming cottage you started out in becomes too small to accommodate a growing family and/or more stuff, the only solution is more space. Should you sell or stay?

Or maybe your children have grown up and your home suddenly feels empty or no longer fits your lifestyle and interests. Two kids’ bedrooms might become one spacious home office, or the formal dining room you once needed could be incorporated into a large, new gourmet kitchen. Should you stay or sell?

Remodel or Buy a New Home: Factors to Consider 


Location, as they say, is everything. If you love your neighborhood, your friendly neighbors, the area schools, and the amenities your community offers, it can be difficult to leave them all behind for someplace new.

Remodeling can be a wise choice, especially if you live in a trendy neighborhood where the real estate prices are climbing. Unless you already live in the biggest house on the block, you may be able to add more living space without exceeding the market value for the neighborhood.

Also keep in mind that selling your home and buying a new one won’t be cost-free. A new home means qualifying for a new mortgage, and there will be real estate commissions, title insurance, closing costs, and the expense (and stress) of moving.

Get cost estimates from knowledgeable professionals like D&B Elite Custom for the remodeling project you have in mind, and then assess what the new sales price of your home would be once the work is completed. If the new market value outweighs the cost of your project, the decision to stay in your familiar surroundings may be an easier one to make.


If you are remodeling to add more space, you can expand either up or out. If you’re thinking about a second story, be sure the local zoning codes allow for it. Your home’s foundation must also be capable of supporting the additional weight or it will have to be reinforced. Expanding outward will consume some of your yard space. Consider your lot size and ensure that the building plans comply with required setbacks and rights-of-way.

If you have your heart set on changes that can’t be added to your current home, consider a brand new custom home. D&B Elite Custom also provides custom home building services. We can help you select the perfect design – whether it’s one of our own designs or one you found in your own research – and make modifications and customizations to suit your lifestyle.

Before you decide to put your house in Wyomissing on the market and find a new home, call D&B Elite Custom at (610) 927-6494 about remodeling and new custom home options. We look forward to helping build your future!