Meet Adam:

Adam was D&B Elite Custom’s first hire, and over 11 years later he is still here with us today. He has successfully completed 200+ jobs with us, ranging in scope from bath remodels to entire new custom homes.

Prior to working with us, Adam was a chef! If you ask him yourself, he’ll tell you he loves the industry because he’s “not good at anything else” but we beg to differ. Adam’s years in the fast-paced kitchen environment heavily prepared him to be able to successfully juggle multiple projects and the fast-moving, everchanging climate that is normal in the construction industry. He has a knack for thinking quickly on his feet and always being available for our customers.

Adam recently switched roles from being an on-site Superintendent to a Project Manager. Although getting used to spending more of his day at a desk was a bit of a learning curve, he is able to use what he learned out on the job to make our field staff’s jobs easier as a Project Manager. If you ask him what his favorite project has been in the last 11 years he’ll tell you that it is impossible to pick. Adam remembers the relationships he built with clients more than the physical builds themselves.

According to Adam’s fiancé, Torrie, he’s “into cooking, listening to loud music, and mowing the lawn in his bougie air conditioned tractor” in his free time. He also enjoys volunteering with Torrie and celebrating an occasional good day of rest.

What Customers Have To Say About Working With Adam:

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